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The server has been shut down as of 7/5/2012. Predicted time of re-opening: Unavailable at this time.

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 Server and forum rules

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PostSubject: Server and forum rules   Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:29 am

Server Rules:

Minor Offenses (you will get warnings, then kicks, then jail, then temporary bans):

Constant use of capital letters on the server chat

Constant use of /me where it makes no sense.

Constant use of Curse words, to show anger or dissapointment (NOT TOWARDS OTHERS, WHEN USED TOWARDS OTHERS, IT IS A MAJOR OFFENSE)

Spamming the chat.

Asking for operator/staff positions.


Begging for item x or begging for x amount of money from staff or other players.


Undefined Offenses (May be treated as a minor or major offense, depending on the severity of the offense)

Insubordination (this means not following the directions of staff members, for those of you who aren't too good with English) (btw, the staff member's order must be reasonable and not go against any rules)


Major offenses (you will get banned.):

Use of a major client mod such as Griefcraft. (Using block reach, .spam, speed miner, xray or any other modifications that give an unfair advantage to the user.)

Harassing other players (using caps to "yell" at others, using curse words towards others, accusing them of griefing without any proof, etc.)

Griefing in area where it isnt allowed

Harassing others on the forum.

Pouring lava randomly.

Pouring lava to kill others.

Advertising other servers.

Insulting the entire server or community.

Insulting individual players.

Building inappropriate structures (you know what I mean. :3)

Using lwc to lock objects that aren't your's.

Placing signs/doors/chests/furnaces everywhere to prevent others from building.

Placing signs with hurtful messages (hate crimes)

Using offensive racial slurs/jokes.

Building a structure that insults or offends others


The MOST SEVERE OFFENSES (You will be banned! Your ban appeals will not be accepted!

Threatening the physical (as in real life) life of another player, even if he or she is a griefer or other kind of rule-breaker!

Hacking into the account of ANYONE. We can find out, as each unique IP of each player's login is stored in a data base for a long time.

DDOSing (Denial of service) our server, through hacking our host with the use of malicous hardware and software that are illegal in the countries of our players (US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, England, Ireland, basically any nation).

Threatening to destroy or hack our server.

Sending out malicious software/hardware to other players.

Using our server as a means to blackmail others.

Explicitly stating that you will kill someone while on our server.

Breaking a law that is considered a felonyon our server.


Definition of griefing just in case: (Same applies in all servers, so it general)
To hamper other players' ability to build or have fun on the server.

Griefing can be caused by (but is not limited to these reasons): the player destroying the blocks of others without permission from the owner of the blocks/a staff member, placing random blocks in cities or other areas of residents, or building where someone has already claimed land/started building, placing private chests/furnaces/signs/doors in order to prevent others from placing blocks.


Forum Rules (The format for forum rules is in the format: Offense/Punishments)
Spamming random crap on the forum in areas other than off-topic threads that are purely designed for spam (such as constant emoticons, pictures, etc.)/Temporary ban from forum, topic moved to off-topic and then locked. If staff are spamming then the thread is locked and then moved to feedback, repeat offenses will be punished with longer temporary bans or a permanent ban

Begging for something on the forum by spamming (begging to be unbanned in 20 different topics in 10 different forum sections, begging for items from staff in 20 different places, etc.)/Temporary ban on forum, repeat offenses will be punished with longer temporary bans or a permanent ban

Constantly cursing out people on the forum or insulting them without reason/Minimum of 14 days of being temporarily banned, repeat offenses=permanent ban

Sending extremely rude PMs to people/Minimum of 14 days of being temporarily banned, repeat offenses=permanent ban.

(For staff): Banning people on the forum for no reason/Demotion and ban on forum AND server

(For staff): Locking, deleting, moving or editing other people's posts for no reason at all/Demotion and ban on forum AND server.

LASTLY. i would really like to thank Thek(for all those who know who he is might alos be able to guess why) I would also like to thank UnknownMage, he knows y.. xD
(note to Mage: this is the only 1 I need.. And I think thek copied part of this from dragons server rite? 0_o)

And as courtesy... guys try this epic server:
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Server and forum rules
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